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Default "Jack the Ripper" 1889 play/s

Found my notes on a brief search in the database Colorado Historic Newspapers in which I came across several one-line ads announcing "Jack the Ripper at Charlie Boyd's Comique."

These brief advertisements appeared in the Aspen Evening Chronicle issues for January 27, 29, 30 and February 1, 1889.

The town was, of course, Aspen, Colorado. As far as I can determine, the Charlie Boyd's Comique was apparently a vaudeville theater.

I found the following information about the Comique and its owner:

Aspen's first theatre was erected in March, 1885.
Charlie Boyd was engaged as the stage manager at the Aspen Theatre.
The Aspen Theatre ran until July, 1885, when it closed. In September of 1885 it was re-opened as Charlie Boyd's Comique (presumably Mr. Boyd had bought it from the original owners.)
According to a quote from the Aspen Daily Times, January 1st, 1887: Mr. Boyd "has kept it open continually since, playing some of the best performers in the variety business. He was given four weeks to run by the people who thought they knew that he could not succeed, but he has disappointed them and surprised even those who had faith in his ability as a manager."

Charlie Boyd had first come to Colorado in 1876 with Haverly's Marrsfred show, playing in Denver. Charlie specialized in performing in blackface as part of a music and comedy act popularly known as "minstrel shows." He and Sam Murdy were the first men to do black-face act in the Comique, taking the opposite ends in first parts, and doing specialty acts and song and dance.

I am now somewhat concerned about the nature of the advertised show "Jack the Ripper"! Was it a melodrama? Tragedy? Or some comedic act?
Alas, without a review, we don't know. I will keep looking.

I've been informed in another thread in this section of the forum that a play called "Jack the Ripper" also was performed in New York in January, 1889. This leads me to wonder if they were the same or different works?
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