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There was a link to JTRforums some time back in this thread, and I was surprised to see quite a few of the poster's there who were of the opinion that "one off instance", "spread mayhem" etc, had been successfully "dealt" with in favour of the Diary being genuine. One poster in particular, Mr Poster I seem to recall was a regular contributor to this forum. It's some years back now but I remember he made some very good points with regard to Hutchinson being a non- starter with regard to him being JTR. All in all a very level headed poster. In short, it's not only the gullible who have been taken in by this very obvious hoax.
Yes, the diary seems to be such an emotive subject that even some otherwise sensible posters have elected to throw logic out of the window.

And some people seem to find it extremely difficult to just draw a line in the sand, basing their arguments on the dubious premise, "well it could be true. How do you know for definite that it isn't? That's not being objective?"

Well, on the same dubious basis I could assert that Caroline Maxwell butchered MJK, and then challenge posters to prove me wrong!
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