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[quote=Elamarna;403004]Pierre, i made a big one last week in my project, and it has set me back a week, in my case i was not doing it on purpose to test, but missed one small word.
However I take your point.

The point is how one reacts is it not?

Do we admit to it?
Do we just not mention it again?


Do we continue to use it when we know it is wrong?
Hi Steve,

Well, I see it like this: if hypotheses are disproved then there is no meaning in not accepting it. If an event wasn´t there, it wasn´t there.

What we are looking for is events inside a black box called the past.

Exclusively speculating about the contents is not history.

And if it is not history it has no historical value.

And if it has no historical value it is useless.

Regards, Pierre
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