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Originally Posted by jerryd View Post
It's simple, really Trevor, do you agree the "cut" you have circled and I marked with a black arrow is NOT on the body? I never thought you were trying to mislead.

All I have asked Trevor is the same you have asked him,
I assumed when first pointed out on the 23rd of June this year that Trevor would have simply replied something like: "sorry, my mistake".


We all make mistakes, why could you just not agree this nearly 6 months ago and avoided the continuing raising of the question?

Instead you ignored the question when asked and indeed recently in post# 247 of this thread you attempted to defend the claim twice.

Its not personal or childish, its about the integrity we all must keep if any research is to be taken seriously by the outside world.

It seems from your posts that you tacitly agreeing it was a mistake, is that so?

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