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Originally Posted by Trevor Marriott View Post
.... Brown mentions the wound going up but either he is mistaken or the killer was at an angle to the body whereby he was able to do that.
No Trevor, Dr. Brown is not wrong, it is Trevor who does not know what 'incision' means.
An incision is the beginning of a cut, where the knife first enters the body.
In laymans terms, the 'stab' (incision) went upwards into the chest directly under the arch of the ribs. The knife was then dragged I've been saying ad-nauseam.

As to the clothes being thrown up and the knife then being used to make the cut then, this is not a plausible explanation. The clothes were affixed around the waist so simply throwing all the clothes up would cover the sternum area and make it almost impossible for the killer to gain free access to that area and to be able to draw a knife up or down through the thrown up clothing.
There's nothing implausible about it.
Yes, the upper chest/ribcage was covered - so what?
It didn't take him 2 seconds to address that problem....
Regards, Jon S.
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