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Originally Posted by Sam Flynn View Post
But they almost certainly weren't "written" in the correct order - the "M", if it is an "M", is in much bolder ink (i.e. blood) than the "F", which is hardly visible, if it's truly visible at all. In other words, the "ink" is bolder nearest the point at which the blood from Kelly's neck would have sprayed, getting fainter as one goes from "M" to "F".
I'd say that Kaz made a fair challenge to the M-as-brighter-than-the-F argument (that is, whatever Maybrick used for the F was too thin so he used something else for the M or refreshed the blood (presumably) for the M).

I agree that there are versions of the picture which have been posted in the last few days which distorts the M and even makes it look constructed from straight lines which could - if that were true - be rivulets (those pesky rivulets again!).

Digital pixelated pictures of Mona Lisa from a distance look like Mona Lisa. This is entirely intentional. You get up too close and all you can see are the constituent pixels, distorting the image out of 'existence' (obviously, as a Zen Buddhist, I'd have to argue that Mona is not actually there though the intention to create her image for our eyes is there - just saying, not judging, LOL).

The point is that Maybrick painted an FM which shows up routinely in modern prints of Kelly's death scene; and no amount of distortion should cause that fact to be lost to us.


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