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Originally Posted by Archaic View Post
Hi, Chris. Can you please tell me why Best was 'dismissed'? I know the story of how Bulling was fired, but not Best.

If Best and his wife are living in one room at the time of the Census, it would seem to indicate rather impoverished circumstances- though I'm not sure how much he would have earned as a journalist.
All I know about Best's dismissal comes from something posted on by Paul Begg - who has apparently seen an advance copy of the book:
... the strongest evidence Cook has, in my opinion, being a letter from John Brunner, a director of the Star, to Henry Massingham, who replaced T.P. O’Connor as editor. This letter refers to two journalists, Frederick Best and William O’Brien, as ‘compatriots’ of O’Connor and of having been responsible for legal actions against the newspaper. Most importantly, it says that Best should have been dismissed for an ‘attempt to mislead Central News during the Whitechapel murders’.

The date of that letter is 7 July 1890, apparently:

So I assume that the circumstances of the census entry might be explained by Best struggling to survive as a freelance journalist.

Thanks for your kind words (though I did wonder whether some of the newspaper articles you were thinking of might have been posted by Chris Scott rather than me).
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