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"Was the house built for weavers?"
Well the huge windows over the front of 26 would let a lot of light in, for sure.

How does the central staircase (going along the partition wall) stand up to the testimony transcript in the Liz Roberts murder trial, regarding how the witnesses describe the 1st floor landing/passage/partition/doors/storeroom/stairs?

Would the stair configuration for the ground-to-1st-floor match the floors above (1st-to-2nd-floor)? In other words, is there a single stair-well for the whole house?

I know I'm slow but it only just occurred to me that they would need a door inside the archway (prater door) for the house residents to exit/enter when using the water pump and privy to save them using the front door. Why have I only just thought of that?

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Just lost another reply. Grrr!

Suspect the staircase was for more than Prater's room.

Her testimony is curious.
13 had lining boards and the passageway door nailed shut.
Thought there would be a wall behind the boards.
Yet the partition was thin?

Was the house built for weavers?
Dorset Street looks like it.,_London.jpg

I'd go for another central staircase mid house.

Still working on it.
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