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Also, being so damned wealthy isn't exactly indicative of a stressor, which is usually what sets serial killers off on their little sprees.

Serial killers will murder in batches separated by elongated cooling-off-periods and usually they are set off by stressors in their lives. Since this guy is apparently wealthy and his crimes are fuelled by a misogynistic rage against women, how about this theory;

His crimes reflect the following behaviours;
  • Selection of easy targets - sex workers - but also victims he can justifiably kill in his own personal framework of self-justification. The phone calls he made to Melissa Bathelemy's sister reflect this gleeful desire to rape and kill "whores." His misogynistic rage is tied into his sexuality, so he's an anger-fuelled sexual sadist, a true "anger-excitation" sex killer.
  • His pick-up of the victims reflect his ability to talk to and even manipulate women. He isn't an introverted loner, he's confident, even arrogant, and socially adept, a true psychopath.
  • He disposes of the women not only by depersonalizing them (by making identification difficult in the Manorville cases), but by concealing them. His Manorville murders were found so he switched to hiding them in burlap sacks on Ocean Parkway where they won't likely be found. He doesn't care about his victims, he certainly doesn't care about them postmortem, and he doesn't care about publicity about a "serial killer on the loose." He's no missionary serial killer, not a publicity seeker; he's a control-freak sexual sadist. He likes to drive past where the bodies are and know they are there, and that's as far as it goes. Despite telling Amanda Fundeburg that he was going to "watch her rot," this expression tells us he's not necrophilic as he wouldn't have emphasised this aspect of the victim postmortem, the decomposition. He literally just disposes of them and gets his kicks while they're alive where he can humiliate, dominate and control them.
  • In conclusion, he's in his 40s, a highly socially-adept sexually-sadistic psychopath whose sexual kicks with the victim begin and end with torture and domination. This tells me that he has a primary sexual outlet which doubled as a facet of his need for control in his everyday life, part of his cover as functioning member of society. He's married. Or is he...?
  • What if the stressor for the more recent murders is a divorce? Such a person would be controlling, paranoid and violent in a marriage. I suspect he's had a few failed marriages and each one has kicked off a murder spree. What if his marriage broke up in around 2006 and he somehow managed to clean up in court - maybe some kind of humiliating emotional blackmail of his ex-wife forced her to bugger the case up - which, despite pocketing him a fair amount of cash, doubled as the stressor for the 2007 - 2010 murders?

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