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Originally Posted by curious View Post
Whew, Dark Passenger,
Reading this information kept me awake last night -- just knowing this person (and perhaps 299 others like him) are out and about in our country . . .

Had a thought after posting about the seasonal workers site. Because the killer paid the sex workers so much -- $900 and $1500 for instance -- the police believe it is someone with a good disposable income and therefore not likely to be the lowly seasonal workers.

I have no idea what rangers make, but guess that even the top rangers don't make a great deal of money. Perhaps enough for an occasional $1,000 splurge.

The authorities mention they believe the killer is someone in the upper echelon of society -- also pointed to perhaps by the killer having time and means to go to Times Square to make the harassing phone calls to the younger sister.

I've been aware of this case almost since the first bodies were found as I stumbled across an internet story and sort of checked occasionally for progress.

But I can't help wondering if something similar is just waiting to be found in other areas of the country.

creepy thought.

Could they be holding the cards so close because they think they know who the killer is but don't have enough to make an arrest?

His apparent wealth does tie in with his age - 40s I'd say.

So why would his geographical activity be so seasonal if he is so well-off? It does seem telling that the fancier end of Long Island is his comfort zone. Maybe he has a house in the Hamptons and it is there that he is able to kill? I reckon if indeed he's too high-class to be a seasonal worker or ranger, he must therefore use the cover of solitary hobbies and pursuits while in the Hamptons for the Summer, to engage in his murders.

I didn't know about the payments to the hookers, so thanks for pointing it out. I need to a little more about it myself!

So what if this guy is still a seasonal worker on the Wildlife Reserves and suchlike, but that is actually more a hobby than a job because he's independently wealthy? Or what if his knowledge of computers and technology is because his primary - and very successful - source of income is an internet-based business?
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