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Originally Posted by George Hutchinson View Post
The envelope was sourced to have been sent from the Lynchford Road Post Office in Farnborough, Hants - a PO I actually used many times during an office job in my teens!


I believe I'm correct in saying that in 1888, the Royal Sussex Regimental Depot was in North Camp, which would concur with the fact that the envelope in question (assuming it was sent by a soldier to his family), was sent from Lynchford Road, post office. Which barracks they were using in the days is anyone's guess. The 1st Battalion was in Preston in 1888 and the 2nd Battalion was in India. I would hazard a guess that if there is an army connection here, it would almost certainly be a recruits letter. I also believe that soldiers handwriting from their pay books was checked, a line of enquiry certainly, but a needle in a hay stack to boot. Unless they further checked pay books for soldiers having completed their training and posted onto their battalions (which I doubt). It would however be a line of enquiry for any recruits with family/friends in the Spitalfields area. I seem to recall reading somewhere that this was looked into, but proved fruitless. I also seem to remember that these envelopes were also free to be bought by the general public as well. I believe that the post master(s) were asked whether they could recall anyone posting a letter the Spitalfields that day, but they couldn't. I wonder did they check to see if anyone staying at the doss house in question knew anyone in the Sussex Regiment, again a very long shot given the very nature of doss houses at that time. This all being a very small part of the investigation, you can certainly see what the police were up against at the time.
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