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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
Aren’t we just looking for mystery where none exists? We are used to living in a world of bureaucracy. People in the 19th century weren’t. Especially the working classes who had far less dealings with ‘officialdom’ than we do. So we have a man who gives his name, when asked, as Charles Alan Cross of 22 Doveton Street. When he filled in any kind of official form he’d obviously been told that he had to use his birth name (Lechmere)and not his preferred one. Of course we have no proof that he used Cross from day to day but it’s a fairly reasonable and likely suggestion when faced with the suggested ‘alternative.’ I.e. that he gave a false name to somehow avoid police attention.

If he wanted to give the police a false name to throw them off the scent as it were then that’s surely what he would have done and not given them his correct Christian names, the surname of his stepfather (that he’d previously used on a census) and his correct address. Surely the worst attempt in the history of crime at pulling the wool over the eyes of the police? I really can’t avoid the thinking that this ‘name thing,’ whilst being initially an interesting discovery, is just a complete red herring.
And his place of work.

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