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Originally Posted by martin wilson View Post
I look forward to the Bucks Row book.

Vincent?, I have a concern, having on numerous occasions, no doubt deservedly, the entire annual production of the British egg industry on my face after some idiotic post on these boards.
That's if the art world can be bothered. In another documentary Andrew Graham Dixon discussed a Walter Sickert painting without once mentioning JTR.
Van Gogh must be one of the most thoroughly researched artists ever, which is the reason for my concern.
Not only is it going up against ripper researchers, but the heavy hitters of the art world as well, with the very real risk that it's a time and effort consuming way of being made to look very silly.
Hi Martin,

I donít think that Dale is concerned with looking silly. Just concerned with selling a book. If a man can come up against the absolutely categorical fact that his suspect wasnít even in the country at the time of the murders and still press on with his book then thereís no hope or excuse.


"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!"
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