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Originally Posted by Pcdunn View Post

Re #2 about the eleven blows speaking to the killer being enraged at his victim, and probably a relative or acquaintance, I have come across a case of a serial rapist/murderer/ thief who targeted elderly women, strangers or near-strangers, and always used excessive brutality against them.

His name was Andrew Dillon, and his case was featured on the ID channel's true crime documentary series "The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead" featuring Dr. Graham Hetrick.

I'm not saying you're wrong in pinning Julia's murder on her husband, but *sometimes* the less common suspect can be to blame. And sometimes burglars turn into murderers.
Thanks for that Pat

Youre absolutely right of course that nothing is ever black and white and that the brutality of the murder isnt an absolute clincher for the ‘Wallace was guilty’ side. If Parry had a sidekick for eg (which i dont believe he did) he ‘might’ have had a predisposition to excessive violence that came to the fore during the robbery. I do feel that its a likelier pointer to Wallace though.


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