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I just recently read about this attack and, I have to say, I was surprised I did not come across it earlier or that it hasn't been discussed all that much on this website. For those that are unfamilar with this incident, what happened was Annie Farmer was a prostitute who picked up a client on the 21st of November, 1888, who gave her some money and afterwards agreed to go with him in the bedroom of a lodging house. About an hour and a half later, the man runs out and Annie comes down the stairs with her neck cut. The man was never apprehended, but he was seen by a few witnesses across the street fleeing from the lodging house. Annie's cuts were not really severe and she was able to get them treated.

I, for one, think this may have been an aborted attack by Jack The Ripper. What I personally think he was trying to do is this: His last murder on Mary Kelly was probably the ultimate thrill for him, thus far. He was able to fulfill most of his fantasies in the comfort and privacy of her room. So, he probably figures doing this in private is much more suitable than in the streets of Whitechapel. So, he picks up Annie Farmer and lets her lead him back to this bedroom, where he intends to pull off another "Mary Kelly" job. However, for soem reason, something goes wrong. Either Annie puts up much more of a fight or maybe they were interrupted by another guest in the house. Either way, Jack had to abort the attack for fear of being apprehended and so, darts off into the night.

Anyone think this plausible?
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