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Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
Hi everyone,

I have promised you a xmas present. With this present I hope that the GSG will be much clearer to all here.

The present has four parts (you may think it has more).

One is a new source.

One is the explanation for the GSG.

One is the motive for killing all the victims.

One is the explanation for the double negative in the GSG.

1. I have found a new document produced by an institution and it is in an archive in Britain.

In this document there are two lies. One is not being presented here since it is giving an ID connected to the data from the Whitechapel murders.

The other lie which is to be presented to you here is:

The person giving the data in this source told those who produced the source that he was a judge although he was not.

It is clearly written and visible.

There is an external function for the whole document which explains how it is connected to the Whitechapel murders.

There are also many sources which have a high explanatory value for the motive behind the GSG.

2. I will now give you the explanation for the GSG:

There was a very serious threat against him from the judges on the 1st and 2nd October. There is another original source from an archive stating this.

He wanted to stop them. There is another original source from an archive stating that.

There are several sources showing that:

There was a trial against him.

He was blamed.

He did not accept it.

He was very shamed.

One person knew that he was trying to stop the process and the communication is directed to him. There is more communication throughout the case and it is always directed to the same person.

On the night of the double event the killer knew what was going to happen on the 1st and 2nd October.

To stop the judicial process against him he wrote on the wall in Goulston Street:

The judges are not the men that will be blamed for nothing.

He took it upon himself to act like a judge in his own cause:

He was not the "judge" who would be blamed for nothing. He claimed that he was innocent.

(But he was guilty, there is a source for this).

3. The victims, all of them, were killed to make the procedure against him stop.

That was the paramount motive of the killer.

The murder of Stride was for the threat against him on 1st October, the murder of Eddowes was for the threat against him on 2nd October.

The judges are not the men that will be blamed for nothing.

= The judges at court were the men that were to be blamed for something: They were to be blamed for the murders.

If they stopped the procedure, the murders would stop.

4. The reason for the double negative is the two aspects of blame on judges:
the blame on the killer who acted as a judge in his own cause and the blame on the real judges.

When the murders stopped after Pinchin Street 1889, the judges had stopped the procedure.

I have some work to do but will read your comments and also respond later.

I wish you all a very Merry Xmas.

Best wishes, Pierre

Actually Pierre, apart from the dates I had sort of guessed all that you posted, drawing on much of what you have previously posted.

The only thing missing is a reference to "Helen" who ever she was!

And UNFORTUNATELY it takes nothing any further forward.

Again we have claimed, undisclosed sources from unnamed archives, no details which is what i specifically requested earlier in the week.

I try and be fair to you as much as possible, but the post will achieve nothing other than to wind people up I fear.

Its a bit like opening the box to find it empty.

No other comments as there is nothing to comment on!

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