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Hi Phil

In addition to sorting out who was who among doctors with some type of connection to the case during the murders you might also include medical students, who, while not fully qualified, were a major theme in the press coverage of the case as persons of interest in the investigation. One such medical student was the insane medical student John William Smith Sanders although it seems he was safely housed in an asylum at the time of the crime spree. Similarly, although not mentioned at the time of the Whitechapel murders, D. G. [Dennis Gratwick] Halstead described in his memoirs, Doctor in the Nineties, about being viewed with suspicion by the inhabitants of the East End for carrying a black bag; my research shows that Halstead was not a fully qualified doctor at the time of the murders but rather a medical resident at the London Hospital training to be a fully fledged physician. See


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reminder. I was actually thinking of doing the same with medical students too..strangely enough.
Whether it includes those at the time..i.e. in police or Home Office files or statements etc or all known since I am at a little bit of a crossroads.. because the main point of the doctors thing was to confine them to what was in the files then.

If not..all sorts of people will be added. Rather like if I happened to come across the missing suspects file.. I would not include Kosminski, Druitt, Tumblety etc.. on the basis that they aren't considered a suspect at the time.

Sort of like sorting the wheat from the chaff. Going back to basics on the premise of what was. Without add ons, unknown or known.


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