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Default City of London Police residents of Mitre Square

I recently happened across a little piece of information, which I thought I'd share on the forum as it might be of interest. It relates to Mitre Square and the occupants therein.

It's well documented that Constable 922 Richard PEARCE of the City Police lived at 3 Mitre Square. Had always assumed that he lived at this address with his family and that it was more than likely rented and that he occupied the entire building?
The other properties I'd always assumed were unoccupied and or derelict or were commercial properties.
But what I'd never come across before is that number 5 Mitre Square (I assume next door) was a boarding house and that a Constable H WILSON of the City Police was resident there (he was certainly there in January 1885).
Would be interesting to know whether number 5 was still a boarding house in 1888 and whether WILSON was still resident there then?
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