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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Hi Richard

How can you date this event to September 30th, and why do you say that White was on Berner St? On the other thread you express doubts.
Hi Robert,

I say White was on Berner Street on September 30, because that is what Ripper Casebook, which you support, tells us.

If White was indeed on Berner Street on the day of the double murder, it is probable that his encounter occurred at the location of one of the double murders for that day. This would be either near the gateway to Dutfield’s Yard in Berner Street, or an entrance to Mitre Square. I believe it to be a far more believable premise than Castle Alley. Although I am confident that he was at Berner Street, Sept 30th, I have doubts as to where he was during the time of either of the double murders. Or where he was for any of the murders. Regardless of which murder, or day, it seems as if White met an actual East End inhabitant, Francis Thompson.

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