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The Truth about the Whitechapel Mysteries told by Harry Cox
Ex-Detective Inspector, London City Police. Specially written for "Thomson's Weekly News" 1906

There were several other officers with me, and I think there can be no harm in stating that the opinion of most of them was that the man they were watching had something to do with the crimes. You can imagine that never once did we allow him to quit our sight. The least slip and another brutal crime might have been perpetrated under our very noses. It was not easy to forget that already one of them had taken place at the very moment when one of our smartest colleagues was passing the top of the dimly lit street.

I wonder if Henry Cox was talking about White in this last sentence here?
Yes, I think it's very likely. White is described in very similar terms in newspaper articles quoted on the first page of this thread - "One of the smartest detectives the force has ever known."
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