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Originally Posted by Simon Wood View Post
For what reason do we include Stride?

Because if we didn't include her it would imply that more than one killer was at work, which would ruin the mythos of Jack the Ripper.
I'm pretty sure there was more than one killer at work, regardless of Stride.
But if we group Stride in with Smith, Tabram, Mylett, Mackenzie & Coles, does it change anything?

All that aside.
At the back of my mind is that later attack on Rose Mylett. One witness, Charles Ptolomey, saw two sailors, one was talking to Mylett. Their descriptions are remarkably similar to the descriptions noted by Swanson in his 19th Oct. report (Ultimate, p 123), of BS-man & Pipeman in Berner street.

"Upon going up England-row (nearly opposite Clarke's-yard) I noticed two sailors. The shorter one was speaking to the deceased, and the tall one was walking up and down. So strange did it seem that I stopped and 'took account' of them. Then I heard the woman say several times 'No! no! no!' and the short sailor spoke in a low tone. The tall one was about 5 ft. 11 in. He looked like a Yankee. The shorter one was about S ft. 7 in. It struck me that they were there for no good purpose, and that was the reason I took so much notice of their movements."
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