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Hello Chris, and thanks for your well thought out post. Apologies for the editing as I am trying to be concise.

Originally Posted by Chris Jones View Post
... There are mistakes and inaccuracies in the text of the diary and there is that crucial ‘tin match box empty’ quote. Those four striking words cannot be easily dismissed as some have sought to do...

... If it is a modern forgery, then a post-1987 date would appear likely as that would help explain the ‘tin match box, empty quote which I think is a highly significant line in the diary...
Yes, that pesky line along with other items right out of Collard's notes.

Could the information in the diary about the Maybrick story and the Ripper killings be easily gleaned from modern or from old sources? The answer to that is, yes. I know that for a fact as I have completed that exercise. Try it yourself. I used just two pre-1988 books on the Ripper murders and one pre-1988 book on the Maybrick saga to rather easily and successfully recreate what the diary has to say about these two story-lines.
What were the books on Jack the Ripper? Were they pre 1959 (Donald McCormick)?
See this is the conundrum with a pre 1920 hoax. The only viable source would be 1888 newspapers, which would be difficult to archive at the time unless the forger had been around and kept newspaper clippings during the murders, or was a member of the Met or City police of London...and had access or knew someone with access to Battlecrease in Liverpool...and know about the Maybricks...then this would be a monumental undertaking; then to only place the fruits of their labor in a place where it may never be found.

... The only line that caused me a problem was the ‘Sir Jim’ reference; however, that line fits in with the text that precedes it and could have easily been written by a clever forger. I used one old Maybrick book and one old Liverpool newspaper (from different dates) to again easily and successfully recreate what the diary has to say about the Maybricks and the Ripper murders. Again, I had a problem with just one line, this time it was the ‘tin match box empty’ reference...
Yep, that one pesky line again
Best Wishes,

When evidence is not to be had, theories abound. Even the most plausible of them do not carry conviction- London Times Nov. 10.1888

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