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I am looking at the autopsy report of Jack Kennedy.
The first paragraph at the top of page 4 offers the description of the head wound at the rear.
This is what we have always believed was the entry wound.

The autopsy does not describe a puncture, penetrating or perforating wound, but a lacerating wound which measures 15 x 6 mm.
A lacerating wound is a tear in the skin, a penetrating bullet wound is not a lacerating wound.

Can someone clarify why this is described that way?

I'm trying to find a description of the diameter of the entry wound to the head.
We are told the bullets used were 6.5 mm, yet this rear entry wound is given as 6 mm wide, how can a bullet 6.5 mm in diameter make a 6 mm entry wound?
What am I missing?
Regards, Jon S.
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