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Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
But when the "one-offs" start mounting up, there's an increasing likelihood that they are not one-offs.
That doesn't necessarily follow, Harry: a one-off is, by definition, an isolated happening. It is eminently possible that Tabram, Mylett, Coles (etc) fell victim, whether by murder or manslaughter, to different perpetrators. Knife crimes were by no means unprecedented, nor were they peculiar to the East End, and many areas of London had their fair share of "vicious, semi-criminal" streets. The fact that the East End arguably had more "vicious, semi-criminal" people per unit area should make it somewhat less surprising if a spate of independent knife-crimes suddenly arose. This is a factor that still applies today, with a greater prevalence of all sorts of crime in the more deprived, crowded populations of our towns and cities.
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