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Originally Posted by Chris2307uk View Post
Amanda, I love you!

Pierre, If you truely have found some new evidence then that is amazing for all of us. Well done. But, if you are not willing to share it just yet then please keep things like this to yourself. All that is going to happen is more people like me becoming annoyed with you. I have read with great interest some of these posts and kept quiet for now but please just stop. You seem to just be poo-pooing other peoles ideas and research with vagueness and saying things along the lines of, 'your theory as to this wrong, but I won't tell you why'. What's the point of that? All that does is create anger. If you have a theory (which you believe you have) then post it and let others ask questions. People with vast knowledge of this subject will either help you to confirm your theory, or they will tell you that they disagree and more importnantly WHY.

I already know that the jury is here, the hangman is waiting and the gallow is put in its place.

But they seem to forget what job they should do and who the real criminal is.

Regards Pierre
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