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There's a bit of foreshadowing in the "From Hell" graphic novel at the end, too, as Gull's spirit supposedly flies about and appears to people who will later be serial killers in their own rights. Of course, I like the very end, in Ireland, the best...
The best thing I like about the graphic novel is the drawing style. There are many flashbacks, subjective thoughts visualized, and other dazzling ways of presentation. The opening scene of Chapter 2 is wonderful, showing complete darkness at first and gradually revealing a psychopathic young Gull. That long scene of Gull explaining classic architecture and history to Netley is memorable as well. The writing is pretty good too. But those interested in the facts of the murders might be put off by the wild royal theories that are a rehash of Stephen Knight's Final Solution. The book includes an appendix of author Alan Moore detailing how he used the facts of the murders to create his fiction. But his explanations indicate he didn't understand the facts very well to begin with, as few people ever do. This was before Philip Sudgen's wonderful book that cleaned up a lot of myths and misinformation, after all.
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