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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
This must be the only place in Britain we’re you could say “if only we knew someone who has an extensive knowledge of Pickford’s and also the horse slaughtering trade in London “ and get the response “well, now you come to mention it....”

I confess, I do know a bit about the knacker trade and I have a couple of books on Pickfords. One of them is an in-depth economic history of the company and the other is a picture-book which concentrates on the company's motor fleet.

The makers of the Lechmere documentary consulted the author of one of them

My daughter had some T-shirts embroidered with the HB logo for me last Christmas. I wear them occasionally in the hope that someone will ask me,

'What's Harrison, Barber?'

To which I will reply,

'I presume you are familiar with the 1874 Slaughterhouses &c (Metropolis) Act...?
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