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Originally Posted by drstrange169 View Post
>>... do we know that Broad Street Goods Station was either closed or handled less traffic on a Sunday? I know that LNWR men and others were agitating for a standard 6-day week in the late 19th century. And passenger trains certainly ran to and from the station 7 days a week.<<

I'm at work, so I'm going by memory (uh oh), but a Reverend "somebody or other" wrote in the 1870's to the papers complaining that animals were left in rolling stock unattended all day Sundays. As a result the railways changed the practice.

>>And while we on the subject of Broad Street, am I right in saying that Lechmere isn't actually recorded as saying he worked at that location for 20+ years? <<


>>At the time he would have started working for Pickfofds they were also operating out of Haydon Square in H Division and very close to Mitre Square. <<

I believe they also had a place in or around Half Moon Passage, close to where Crossmere lived in James Street.
Hi Dusty,

Thanks for the responses.

Of course, they didn't handle livestock at Broad Street. I would imagine that what you are describing happened up in Kings Cross/Maiden Lane where the railways fed the Metropolitan Cattle Market. Sunday wasn't a market day there.

Half Moon Passage was just the other side of Mansell Street from Haydon Square and, as I'm sure you're aware, just below Goulston Street.

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