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I like to think that it wasn't near his place of residence (though concede I may be wrong). I also like the blitz-style attack, but I'm not so sure. Nichols known movements place her further West of the crime scene. It's also clear that she touted for business along Whitechapel road. I get the impression that her plan was to repeatedly wander East along Whitechapel and then back again, only moving off Whitechapel once she was at Osborn Street. I think she met the Ripper whilst she was as far East as she was moving, and they walked to Buck's Row. Notice that the murder took place in front of the gates and not a house. I think that they walked to that point, and the Ripper would have looked behind him towards White's Row, looked in front of him towards Brady street, have seen nobody, so then decided to kill her. He then took off back towards White's Row, escaping down the street they probably came up (Court), at which point Cross was entering Buck's Row.

The last known sighting of Nichols (as far as I'm aware) was at 2:30am on Whitechapel Road, opposite the church and on the corner of Osborne Street. Upon being asked by Jane Oran to go back with her to 18 Thrawl Street, Nichols refused and wanted to go to a place on Flower & Dean Street where men and women were allowed to sleep. Could she have met someone and intended to take him there and - the question for someone with more knowledge of the geography of the area than I - would Buck's Row have been a logical route from where she was seen towards Flower & Dean Street?
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