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Originally Posted by Alfie View Post
Miller (pp. 23-4) in describing the reburial of Hanratty at Carpenders Park on Feb 22, 1966, runs through the people who were invited back to the Hanrattys' home afterwards, among them Paul Foot (sent by the Sunday Telegraph and about to become hooked on the case) and the core of the A6 Committee. One name - that of Mary Lanz - seemed out of place to me. Surely she'd have had only the most fleeting of connections with Justice and Fox, and none at all with the Hanratty family? So what was she doing there?
She said that Gregsten and Valerie had been in The Old Station Inn on several occasions prior to the fateful evening. Justice also claims that he took Fox and Alphon to the Old Station on the night he claims they went the cornfield, and asked Mrs Lanz if she recognised either of his two friends. She indicated Alphon as a man she had seen in her pub previously. Even though she repeated this statement to the police, it was never proven, and I find it slightly dodgy. It sounds to me as though she was another person in the overall A6 picture who 'wanted to get in on the act'.

I can only surmise that she was invited to the Hanratty house after the re-internment because it was considered that she had evidence proving that Alphon was connected with the case.

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