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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
I know next to nothing about the Hanratty case so id like a bit of advice about books from those that do. Just a couple of quick reviews would be helpful

Hanratty: The Final Verdict - Woffinden.

Hanratty: The Inconvenient Truth - Razen

Who Killed Hanratty? - Foot.

Thanks all
Foot and Woffinden together will give you almost all the available background info on the case, but keep in mind that both were convinced of Hanratty's innocence and their analysis carries this bias. Foot is the more even-handed but Woffinden was able to use sources unavailable to Foot so is more comprehensive.

I wasn't aware of Razen's short book and have just finished reading it. He makes a few errors of fact (eg, Hanratty's breeze block job being in Bedford, Dixie committing suicide after Hanratty's execution) but he gives a useful if very abbreviated overview of the case.

One puzzling thing for me: Razen refers on a couple of occasions to an apparent acquaintance between Alphon and Hanratty. I haven't read anything that even hints at a connection between these two men. What have I missed?
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