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Originally Posted by Tony View Post

I used to have Michael Hanratty's phone number and we spoke on some occasions and this was a point I brought up with him.

This was his reply: "When I went to see Jimmy in prison I mentioned about hiding stuff under the back seat of the bus." Jimmy said: "Look Mick I know I am not the brightest in the world but do you or anyone else seriously think I would shoot and kill someone and then leave the murder weapon on a public service vehicle where it was bound to found. I would have chucked it in the river somewhere. Yes I admit I did used to hide unwanted or worthless jewellery under the back seat but that is all."

I recall that one of the pro-Hanratty arguments was that he would not have used the word "institutions" as used by the gunman in the car according to Valerie Storie, yet here we have a well authenticated instance of Jim using the phrase "a public service vehicle" rather than what most folk would say, namely "a bus".

Maybe Jim was not as linguistically backward as some would have us believe.
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