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Originally Posted by Spitfire View Post
Would Hanratty not likewise have tried the Windsor? And even if he didn't, would he not have noticed it over a two day period?
You may recall the exchange of comments on this with the poster who lived in Ingledene ...

Me: "Would there have been a more obvious way of identifying it? For example: It is opposite the big Windsor Hotel.

Kerry: "It is indeed opposite the Windsor but the houses either side of mine also are. Do you mean a better way of identifying the actual location?"

Me: "I just find it strange that in trying to describe Ingledene he did not simply say it was one of the B&Bs opposite the Windsor."

Kerry: "I see what you mean Nick, it would have been easy to say that as it can be quite clearly seen from the front of the house. In fact i'm looking at the Windsor right now, it's now called the Windsor Vaults though."
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