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Default Ripper Street (locations)


I'm sure everyone on the forum is familiar with the series called Ripper Street.

It appears to the laymen to be well researched with regards to Whitechapel geography?

But I have a question which I hope someone will be able to answer for me?

In the series the American chap and his `Lady Friend`, run a brothel. On several occasions I believe I've heard the characters give the location of their `home` as Tenter Street. I've looked on old maps of Whitechapel and have found such a place, it doesn't exist anymore and was very close to Dorset Street. There is however another Tenter Street, well North, South, East and West Tenter Street, near Royal Mint Street, which appears on old maps and still stands today.

My question is thus, where do we think the creator of Ripper Street, is suggesting that the brothel is, near Dorest Street or Royal Mint Street?

Has anyone got any views or suggestions?
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