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Originally Posted by Batman View Post
The early morning Tabram was murdered, a patrolling beat officer, PC Thomas Barrett, questioned a grenadier loitering nearby, who replied that he was waiting for a friend.

Killeen said that a wound on her sternum appeared to have been inflicted by a dagger or bayonet.

Pearly Poll said Tabram was drinking with two soldiers and herself.

It seems thatís three corroborating accounts of a military connect.

PC Barrett
Dr. Killeen
Pearly Poll

How can all three be coincidentally mistaken/lying at the same time?
Hi Batman
Totally agree. And thereís no reason that soldier couldnít also have been the ripper.

Now that being said any doubt IMHO of it being the soldier of the witnesses is that tab ram was killed much later than the time she was with him. And I havenít discounted the possibility that after she was with him, he left her alive and well and she was sleeping in the stairwell when the ripper came upon her. After all other witnesses stated that the stairwell was used for sleeping.
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