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Originally Posted by GUT View Post
I doubt it can be ruled out.

But then again even if we accept she had an engagement with a soldier, there’s nothing to show he WAS the one who killed her.
There is that single large wound description GUT, and the fact that soldiers were permitted to wear short swords and bayonets out on Bank Holidays. We also know soldiers were out in pairs, as this particular witness account corroborates.

I think the "passion" induced killings are quite different from some of the cold and calculating murders that followed, as was the poor "heat of the moment" decision.. as it appears, that was made in the case of Liz Stride.

Tabram was initially stabbed by someone ill equipped to inflict a mortal wound with a single stab, or for that matter, a few stabs. That indicates to me that the weapon he was using was the only one at his disposal. If he had a larger weapon and if he just wanted to kill her something more lethal would have been used. That bayonet type wound appears to have been a finale to this event, it was intended to stop the heart. Perhaps a mercy killing in the end.
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