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Just as an observation, I find it revealing that despite the fact this thread is about the writing, not the apron, the overwhelming choice for discussion has been about the apron. I suppose being the first and only piece of evidence that was found that had been transported by the killer to a different location it is contentious, but I believe the fact that the writing just happens to be so close to it and that it refers in some way to Jews and Blame, (on a night like no other in terms of ethnicity of witnesses and murder sites), allows us to consider a local man with anti Semitic feelings. Local residents were unhappy about the number of immigrant Jews now living in cramped quarters around them, that's why I think we can deduce local man. And thats relevant information.

It opens up the possibility that Stride was intentionally killed on Jewish property by an anti Semite, and that the cloth was dropped with the writing to suggest that Jews did both killings. I never considered this as a possibility until now. Maybe nothing.
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