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Hi Trevor,

I agree that the remaining part of the apron with Catherine Eddowes' body was already removed and invoiced before Phillips arrived. My point was that Phillips left Leman St. shortly after receiving the other piece around 4 a.m. of the morning of the murder, not the following morning. He attended the preliminary examination that lasted till just before 6 a.m. having been summoned by Dr. Brown himself. The two pieces were matched together at that time. They then agreed to go home, probably flesh out their notes and get some needed rest, then return for the formal post-mortem at 2 p.m.

In other words, Phillips made two trips to Golden Lane on Sept. 30.
Again that is not quite correct there is a newspaper report from a reporter who was it would appear waiting at the mortuary, he states that Dr Phillips had not arrived at the mortuary with the Gs piece before 5.20am, and by then the body had been stripped and the lists made up, so the two pieces could not have been matched before then, and by then the body had been already stripped and the lists made up.

There is no evidence that shows a preliminary post mortem examination took place.
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