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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
while I agree with this, I believe Lech is the only "suspect" where it is on record that the victims coincide with his route to work at roughly the same time, and in the case of stride his mother lived very close by. I'm not sure we can get that specific with any other suspect.

however, that being said, one of my biggest problems with Lech as a suspect, is I still have a hard time believing the ripper would be doing his thing on his way TO work. now if it coincided with his getting OFF of work....
Interesting points Abby.

If we just use the C5 for suspects, we can see that it was highly unlikely that Chapman, in a backyard, Stride in a court yard hidden in the dark, ofr Kelly could possibly be found by any suspect on his way to work.
However in the Stride case we have a man returning from work who has recently been cast as a suspect.
That leaves just Eddowes alone who could have been found by someone else.

On the issue of Stride and the proximity of his mother to the murder site, dear old AK beats it twice. At the time of the murders he was probably living in providence street, closer than Lechmere's mother. In addition he also almost certainly at one stage lived next door to Dutfields yard. It proves nothing but certainly can be said to trump Lechmere.

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