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The trouble with using profiling methodologies here is that its often done with a flawed, preconceived victims list. Explanations about the deviations from everything to skill set and probable objectives don't seem to be obstacles to these folks. They'll say that based on modern day serial killers research we can see that killers often change weapons, victims, their methodology, and in many of those cases it was because they sought to deviate from previous patterns to confuse any investigation.

What we have here is a group, much larger than 5, that is comprised of murdered street women many of whom had to resort to solicitation for food and shelter. The ages range from mid twenties to almost 60. They are killed in a variety of ways. Some strongly resemble others. Some may have been done in a particular way to confuse the investigations.

There is no profile unless you have a highly probable list to work with.
Michael Richards
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