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Hi Scott!

Did you see what Howard had posted on JTRForums today?

Post 257:

South Wales Echo, July 17, 1889

A Daring Fiend!

An ex-member of the Metropolitan Police, who was standing talking with a friend at the corner of Castle Alley, not more than forty yards distant, about the time of the occurrence, saw and heard nothing of the affair. The special patrol on this beat did not see anything to cause suspicion, and only 40 minutes previously an officer left the Castle-alley at the Aldgate High Street end, where he had been on special duty. It is stated that some 50 extra Constables from other districts were withdrawn from this neighbourhood within the past few weeks. While there is a general belief among the police that the murderer has been secreted in the district, there is another equaily strong opinion that the author of these horrible crimes is a foreign butcher.

Had he been on special duty at the southern end of Castle Alley with a view to Whitechapel High Street or had he been on special duty at the Aldgate High Street end? I think if he left Castle Alley he was walking on Whitechapel High Street.

I guess the end of the Aldgate High Street (Butchers Row) was located 80m from the southern end of Castle Alley.

It reminds me of Sergeant Stephen White (MET):

"For five nights we had been watching a certain alley behind the Whitechapel Road. It could only be entered from where we had two men posted in hiding, and persons entering the alley were under observation by the two men."

If the officer had been on special duty in Castle Alley at the end of Whitechapel High Street it could be the certain alley behind Whitechapel Road.

I know White must be treated with caution...

On the other hand the report also mentioned the Adgate High Street end (Butchers Row) and a foreign butcher. "is a foreign butcher" "sounded topical" at the time of the Mackenzie murder.

Greetings, Karsten.
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