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The lad from Stratford beyond doubt DID NOT write the works attributed to "Shake-speare." [We know that non-canonical works were also published under the name "Shake-speare", in any case, and the man from Stratford did nothing to protect his "name", oddly, given he was quite prone to litigation in other matters...]

Alone amongst his "literary contemporaries" there is not one first-hand document that indicates that he wrote anything at all, while there are copious documents extant which reveal his actual activities as actor, broker, property-dealer, money-lender, tax-dodger, grain-hoarder, social-climber, etc..

The chance of him being the writer, yet leaving absolutely no paper trail, is statistically about 108,000 to 1 against...

He could barely scratch his own name, for God's sake, and his immediate family, parents, wife, children and grandchildren were illiterate.

Even in the Stratford man's lifetime - long before anyone posthumously pointed to him as the author - some people dropped heavy hints that "Shake-speare" was a nom-de-plume, a front...

I know who wrote "Shake-speare". The evidence runs through the story like a golden thread. One name, again and again, is in the foreground or the background of the content, production and publication of the plays, intimately linked to the locations mentioned in the plays, intimately linked to the characters featured in the plays, with the education, intelligence and the money to make it all happen during the course of thirty years, while remaining anonymous.

And near the end, long after the death of the man from Stratford, he came as close as possible to revealing himself to posterity...
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