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Originally Posted by Mike J. G. View Post
Herlock, the Post Office Tavern was never known as the Poste House, why some of you keep ignoring this glaring fact is something I can't fathom.

The "e" should be a giveaway, seeing as the Post Office Tavern didn't include an "e", but the well-known pub called the "Poste House" did/does.

If we're going to start making up random facts about pubs for the sake of excusing an error, then we're not playing fairly, are we? You might as well just invent a pub called the Poste House and have it sit at the top of Riversdale road in 1888, now lost to the sands of time, despite a solid history of local pubs from the Victorian age existing in books widely available in this city not showing any pub of that name existing.

One-Off duty is in no way reflective of "one off instance."

So, again, May was a true man of obscure knowledge, from obscure poetry, to obscure pubs, to obscure phrases, to obscure handwriting.

The writer also spelt 'post haste' with an 'e' showing that this was a spelling error that he repeated 4 times

One off duty is transparently reflective of one off instance.

I'm thinking that's it's time to withdraw here Mike. Such omniscience is a little scary.


"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!"
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