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Originally Posted by Pcdunn View Post
Hi, Gwyneth,

You've got a point there, lol.

The sad thing is that women were under the control of the men in their lives, and if you upset or "inconveniced" your husband, brother, father, guardian, etc.-- you could be sent to an asylum or hospital on very vague reasons.
Single women could at least own their own property.
Hello Pat

Yes, very true and it is worrying that female circumcision is still going on and also in the West, although for "cosmetic" reasons, as was the case in ancient Greece, where it apparently began for that reason! I do think there are echos of the "good" doctor's so-called cure in Jack's mutilations. It does seem a shame that people are shy of discussing this. We look at horrific photographs and discuss really dreadful murders and mutilations quite easily, after all!

And as you say, the way women were controlled at the time shows how they were regarded as lesser beings. I read a lovely newpaper article from the time by an American, comparing English and American women, and while he admitted that Englishwomen were more robust and kept their looks longer, American women were much more delicate and feminine. I take it he wasn't talking about the pioneer women!

Best wishes

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