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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
Hutt said she left the police station at 1am, and estimated it was an 8 minute walk to Mitre Square. Meaning there was time, I think, to - in theory - walk to Goulston Street, deposit apron, go to Aldgate, pick up a companion and get to Church Passage by half past one.

This may have been possible, though she started the journey moving away from Goulston street. Not sure what she would go there for either - if it was to meet a potential client, surely she would have stayed there for at least 15 minutes before searching more fertile ground.

Missed not just once, but up to three times between about 1:20 and 2:55


In theory, that sounds like a possibility. But remember, this poor woman was wearing or carrying everything she owned. Do you think she'd resort to destroying her own clothing when she already had "12 pieces of white rag, some slightly bloodstained" along with various othet pieces of material in her pockets?

I agree it is unlikely.

There are various desciptions of the Goulston Street apron piece in the press reports if you trawl through them. Most say something like it looked as if someone had wiped their hands or knife on it.

It is just possible that journalists were describing what they thought might help sell papers and the imagery used evokes a possible murderer's use of the apron.

It's interesting to note that a bloodstained cloth was found a few streets away from the Pinchin Street torso, which was recognised as having been used for sanitary purposes since it was folded into a diaper shape.
That is interesting and suggests the police would have not considered that as likely in the gs scenario (else they would have recorded as much).
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