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Hi Scott

Debs discovered that the Hyam Hyams who grew up on Mitre street was different from the one who went to the asylum.
Sightly awkward here - that was actually me

Also that the asylum-bound Hyams was not the "terror of the city police", but rather terrified of the police (apologies , trying to quote from memory).
Yup this was all Debs (and Rob C I believe. )

This doesn't mean that the Colney Hatch Hyams couldn't have been the Ripper.
Valid point, but the info that Debs found showed that he wasn't actually as menacing and vicious as led to believe if I remember correctly.
Take away the fact that he didn't live in Mitre Street, wasn't 'the terror of the Police,' didn't die for many years after the killings etc, doesn't make for a strong suspect. Admittedly still stronger than some suspects put forward......
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