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This line of reasoning has long been the interpretation of many. Unfortunately it leads to unnecessarily marginalizing Anderson, which in turn encourages the dismissal of the "Polish Jew Theory". It's a convenient way to avoid the confusing details, and it clears the table for imaginary suspects to be served up. That's why the myths surrounding the ex-assistant commissioner should be dispelled. The weight of "evidence" against Anderson looks formidable from a distance, but up close it amounts to an army of laughing gas filled balloons. The man was a divisive character who was equally respected and despised. There are many people in this field who I respect and admire who look at everything Anderson said with suspicion, and rightly so. But it's not good enough reason to opt for what may appear to be the simplest explanation, that the man was just blowing smoke.
A number of authorities in the field have accepted what Anderson and Macnaghten wrote at more or less face value, arguing that they were there, they were top officials, and know more than we will ever know. Well, of course, that doesn't necessarily follow. Despite their expressed certainty, they could have been as much in the dark as we are, and probably were. They were just coming up with answers to a mysterious case and really can't be relied upon to know what they were talking about.


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