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It can be reasoned that the Torso killer took his victims to a bolthole where he had time and seclusion enough to kill and dismember them.

Serial killers taking victims to such places are regulary sexual sadists, as I understand it, and they are often abductors too.

The Torso killer, however, just like Jack, seems to have had no interest in the killing phase itself or in torture - he seems to have been preoccupied with what he could do to the body after death. The 1873 victim was said to have been cut up so close in time to death that it may be that the dismemberment was done in part when she was alive. She was then drained of blood (probaly therefore hung up and bled off) before she was dismembered.

How many killers can we name who were of this calibre? Who took victims to a bolthole, not to torture them, but to kill and cut them up? Any examples anyone can think of?
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