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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Ted Bundy also flip flopped from organized to disorganized. he started out more disorganized, evolved into his organized state-with complicated ruses and then changed back in the end to disorganized.

If he was never caught for the Florida sorority attacks, then they probably would never have connected those to him as it was so totally disorganized and unlike his mature method.

serial killers MO change due to different circumstances and can evolve as they learn how to accomplish what they want more effectively. and can also devolve due to circumstances including the killers mental state and "desperation".

Their sig can evolve also as there fantasy progresses and the violence escalates. and yes I know sig dosnt change as much as MO can.

Their also can be overlap between MO and sig which can confuse things.

Bottom line you have to look at the BIG PICTURE and try to determine if there are enough similarities between what, at first blush, might appear to be differences, to consider if they are related.

IMHO there definitely are between torso man and the ripper to strongly consider they are the same person. and IMHO both were highly sophisticated and organized killers who took great care to accomplish what they wanted-primarily post mortem mutilation and deconstruction of the female body without being apprehended, with a secondary desire to purposely shock the public.

And getting back to the original point of this thread-no disorganized killer could have pulled off the double event, let alone the c-5. Yeah the ripper was lucky-but he knew what he was doing and made his own luck.
Well said Abby. Just to tack on one point that I see people gloss over but is one of the strongest for me personally in tying the torsos to the Ripper Murders:

To say that the Ripper and the Torso Killer are two different people is to inturn infer that there were two serial killers operating in roughly the same area, at roughly the same time who both practiced vaginal mutilations. When I weigh the odds of which would be rarer, I have to imagine the odds become near infinitesimal that it were two separate individuals partaking in such behavior around the same time, around the same area.

Even if we expanded the radius to include all of London or even all of England the number of killers who partake in vaginal mutilations is so minuscule that two being active at the same time would be absolutely unheard of. Once you include the years active and the general location it pushes the odds to nearly impossible.

Atleast, that is my opinion.
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