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Hi Harry

[quote=Harry D;410876]
The Torso killer dismembered his victims, the Ripper didn't.
That's accurate.

The Torso killer decapitated his victims, the Ripper didn't.

Some contemporary opinion says that the killer of Annie and Polly was attempting to decapitate

The Torso killer killed his victims in private, the Ripper mainly didn't.

Id drop the "mainly",there is no evidence linking Mary Kellys death with any other so called Canonical.

The Torso killer destroyed his victim's identities, the Ripper didn't.

It could be argued that Marys killer tried to erase her identity.

The Ripper confined his murders to Whitechapel, the Torso killer didn't.

These murders require more than just geological parameters and historical timing to be linked together..though god knows thats all that puts a Liz Stride in the group.

The Torso killer was attributed anatomical skill, but the one victim the Ripper killed in private was a hatchet job.

Why I would say "mainly" killed outdoors...more like exclusively.

The Torso Murders spanned two years, the Ripper murders spanned twelve weeks.

Some claim that the Ripper was still active long after 1888.
Michael Richards
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